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Attendance Policy – “Participation is a commitment, not a convenience”

Attendance at all practices, scrimmages, and tournaments (events) is mandatory. Dismissal from the team will occur after the excused absence or unexcused absence from team events. Absences from events will be "" for the following reasons:

In order to be considered “excused” every attempt should be made to contact the coach as soon as it is known you will miss practice, but NO LESS than four hours before the event. At the coaches’ discretion, loss of playing time in competition result from excused absences.

Absences from events will be considered "" for the following reasons:

Loss of playing time in competitions occur from un-excused absences.

Leaving practice more than 15 minutes early or arriving more than 15 minutes late will count as one half of the appropriate kind of absence. Missing any part of practice for hair/nail/beauty/etc appointments or preparation is not allowed – period!

Cancelations of events will be the decision of coaches /directors. As much notice as possible will be given, but no less than two hours before the event (e.g. weather related).

Stretching is extremely important, is the responsibility of the players, and must be done prior to the start time. Equipment set-up and take-down is also the responsibility of all members of the team.

Full payment of club fees is due by the 1st practice in December.

Refunds will only be given in extreme, unforeseeable situations, and only if there is sufficient time in the season for KAJVC to replace the player. If this situation occurs, only funds not yet expended on the player’s behalf will be refunded.

While the KAJVC’s philosophy includes development of ALL players, playing time in competitions will not be equal. Coaches will determine playing time based on the players:

All members of the team are to act as a team, on and off of the court. Team work starts with good communication, respect, inclusion, and a commitment to improvement of the whole team. Get to know and appreciate the skills of your teammates.

Club play is a learning opportunity for everyone and KAJVC encourages appropriate suggestions with the following guidelines: